Monday, September 19, 2011

Upcoming Coupon Class - Update!

I must apologize for not posting lately. We've had some family issues that have kept me otherwise occupied. I'm here now though.

Here's a class update:

Basic Couponing
Monday, September 19, 5:45-8:15PM at Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus. Coupon Mastery 101

Monday, September 26, 5:45-7:45PM at Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus. Coupon Mastery 102
102 is a follow up class for after you've done a trip or two to the grocery store with coupons. It's mostly a resource class to help answer questions and discuss issues. There will also be an informal coupon swap.

Saturday, October 8, 1PM at the Fort White Library. Basic Couponing. This is a FREE class!

Mystery Shopping
Saturday, September 24th, 1-3:30PM at Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus. Mystery Shopper 101

Keep an eye on the Columbia County Library for more classes in:
Solar Cooking, Alternative Fuel Cooking, Residual Heat Cooking, Couponing, Family Budgeting, Family Entertainment without Electricity on a Budget, and Rice Socks & Sand Sacks.

Don't forget... If you would like to have me teach a class for your group, I can teach all of the above and more anywhere in North Central Florida.
Save (at) Rural Budgeting (dot) com

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