Monday, August 1, 2011

Trustworthy places to find free coupons

You should not pay to get coupons off the internet. You have to download the program, but as long as you're using trust worthy sites, it's really not an issue. Don't download toolbars or pay for them. You might have to give them some information for their demographic tracking, but what information you give them is up to you. I give them my correct name and address and that's about it. Everything else is made up, but I do have standard answers I use because sometimes you need to know what you told them.
and store and manufacturer websites
If you entered your home address when you signed up, they'll most likely send you coupons in the mail too.

The Sunday newspaper is the best place to get coupons. If you call your newspaper circulation desk, you may be able to get multiple copies of Sunday and you may be able to get it cheaper than you can at the store.

ALWAYS get coupons in pairs if you can so you will be ready for BOGO sales. Remember, you can use a coupon on the paid item as well as on the free item.

Also, check matchup sites. They tell you what's on sale, where to get the coupons, and when to buy the items. Here are some good sites to start with. Most of them cover more than one store. It's safe to click on any coupon link in the text of the site, but the ads on the sides may not be safe.,,,,,, Those are some to get you started.

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