Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staples: Milk, Eggs, Sugar, Ground Beef 8.25.11

I've decided to add potatoes to the basic staples list. Potatoes, like eggs, are considered a "whole food," meaning you can actually live on solely that item for a period of time. Not that you'd necessarily want to.

Albertson's $1.88/18 eggs (through 8/30)
WinnDixie $1.99/18 eggs (through 8/30) *not the best price ever, but not horrible.
CVS $1.39/doz (through 8/27) not great at all, but better than $1.85

Walgreens $3.29
CVS $2.79 after extra bucks (**Starting 8/28**)

WinnDixie is running a Make a Meal deal through 8/30. Buy 3 boxes cereal get milk, juice, donuts, fruit bowls "free" If you have coupons for any of the items on sale, sometimes it's worth it. Without coupons, it usually isn't worth it if the items are things you don't normally buy. (This is how I calculate it. Cereal should be $1.50 or less/box, milk is about $4/gal, juice has to be $1/64oz. The other items I don't buy unless they are free, so if I can use coupons and get the total to $9.50 or less, I'll buy it. It's priced at $17.97 without coupons.)

Publix $2.99 5 lb Domino Sugar $2.49 after coupon from RedPlum insert 6/26 and Sept All You (through 8/31)
Ward's $2.49 4 lb Dixie Crystal (through 8/30) $0.50/1 Dixie Crystals Granulated Sugar Rolling I'm not 100% sure the coupon matches, but I think so. So, it'd be $1.99/4 lbs

Ground Beef
WinnDixie Flanders beef patties 64 oz $6.99 = $1.75/lb (through 8/30) *can't vouch for the quality, but it's a good price poundage wise)
Albertson's 73% lean $1.99/lb (through 8/30)
WinnDixie 73% lean $2.49/lb(through 8/30)
Sweetbay 73% lean $2.49/lb (through 8/30)
Hitchcock's Ground Round $2.68/lb (8/25-27)

Albertson's 85% lean $2.98/lb (through 8/30)
Publix 93% lean $3.99/lb (through 8/24)

Albertson's  $2.50 5 lb bag (8/26-28)
Ward's $2.50 5 lb bag (through 8/30)

**Harvey's note: If you are located near Harvey's check them out on Wednesdays. They seem to be doing Wednesday specials. This week, milk, potatoes, and beef were on sale, but only on Wednesday.

Remember, if you see a price you like and you don't want to go to the distance for that store or to all of them, you can always print the ads offline and take them to Walmart for a price match.
Weekly Specials searched in Gainesville, FL: WinnDixie, Albertsons, Publix, Food Lion, Dollar General, Hitchocks,Sweetbay, Fresh Market, CVS, Walgreens, and Harveys (Keystone Heights)

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